Sounds of Isolation

A couple of weeks back we released Now That’s What I Call Quarantine Vol. 1: Lockdown Anthems, a compilation of 20 tunes written and recorded by some of our favourite Sheffield-based musicians. These songs were predominantly recorded live, with acoustic instruments, and so we sent maverick electro-queen Celestial Broc on a virtual quest to compile […]

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Now that’s what I call Quarantine

These are strange times. How can musicians respond to this unprecedented crisis? Musically, of course! Here at PROLE JAZZ we asked our favourite musicians from Sheffield town to write and record a song during their lockdown. We’ve compiled these incredible tunes and have just released Now that’s what I call Quarantine Vol 1: Lockdown Anthems, […]

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PROLE JAZZ Songs of February 2020

We’re a bit late to round up February’s sexy wave forms here at PJHQ, bit distracting being caught in the grip of a global pandemic innit… It was a month not to be easily forgotten, musically-speaking; and a veritable maelstrom of releases kept us happily busy aboard the PROLE JAZZ sausage yacht, blissed-up in pre-corona […]

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Broc On The Block V: Making Waves

Reportage junky Celestial Broc caught up with indie songsters The Wave Pictures during their latest whistle stop tour of the UK. This crew boast a magnificently impressive back catalogue of witty pop songs, the beginnings of which started in their teenage bedrooms. Settle into your seats for a dissection of Dave’s prolific song writing process, […]

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